You don't even know who Cody Simpson is, amirite?

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He's the Australian Bieber.

Well I know A Cody Simpson...

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i know who he is, unfortunately.

I love Cody Simpson! He knows who I am...and I know I sound like some stupid fangirl (because I am...) but I think it's cool he's getting recognized on this site!

Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction need to stop having such annoying fans.

hes a kid who was in austrilia and he posted videos on youtube and some music producer found his videos and made him famous.

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Reminds me of Justin Bieber...we already have an annoying little boy who sounds like girl, we don't need another! D:

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yeah i know who he is, i thought he was a girl

Bieber's hotter

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@Bieber's hotter

Bieber looks like a 12 year old lesbian.

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