When you were little you spent some amount of time looking for a North American House Hippo in your house, amirite?

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I've got absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

@Mitch I've got absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

on kid channels like teletoon and whatnot, there would be this commercial about a hippo the size of a book, that lived in yopur house. it would be sooo convincing (we were kids) and at the end of the commercial it would be like dont belive everything on tv but noone would ever catch that part because they used too may technical terms and stuff

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i didn't fall for it, but that commercial is an awesome memory of my childhood. that, and the "don'tcha put it in your mouth" song/commercial

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I was too busy looking for the shut the hell up rhinocerous.


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Hahaha, I believed it as well but only because my attention span would stray by the time the end came.

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i don't really even know what you're talking about...

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I think this might have only been in Canada so therefore ppl dont know what youre talking about

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But i believed it for the longest time, until i saw a commercial for it recently and I was like woah those arent real?!

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