Mountain Dew is the best soda. amirite?

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FUCK all the people that no wayd this. You miss deserve a fuckin high five

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:) Thanks that made my day! :)

The fact that i found a girl anywhere that likes mountain dew and waffles as much as i do astounds me. U made my week and im glad i made ur day =D

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Hahaha! Yay :) Yeah I love waffles but it's also my nickname. :) And then I drink Mountain Dew like 3 times a day hahaha:)

Yeah i read it was ur nickname lol. Im actually drinking a 2 liter as we speak.

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That's pretty legit. XD I have empty cans stacked on top of my tv :D

Lol empty cans stacked in a pyramid on my windowsill. If you say u like doritos i think id hug u

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Haha who doesn't like doritos x)

HUGS anything else that makes u awesome?

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Everything about me is awesome. x)

Y do i what?

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Ya know what I don't know. I totally just confused myself haha nevermind... x)

Lol we should definitely talk more

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Haha ok. Agreed. :)

U Shud send me a random email.

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I need your email.

Donnheady2004@yahoo.com And wow im a dumbass how on earth did i think u could email me without it lol

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Lol confident. Im awesome as well. But some people dont like me because i dont have a censor

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Sprecher root beer is the best.

Mountain Dew is such a redneck drink. Pepsi sucks too. Dr. Pepper is where it's at.

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