When girls wear short shorts its considered hot, but when guys wear short shorts...its considered disturbing. amirite?

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ugh, pasty white man-thigh is gross :D

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That's because girls are infinitely more attractive than men. An attractive man is still not on the same level as an attractive woman.

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Male runners wearing short shorts. I'm okay with that!

Yes, it's really unfair. I was already an undergraduate student in the 70's when wearing jeans cut offs and short shorts (we usually called them «hot pants») became trendy for boys. As I was still dependent of my parents and had not yet come of age, I wasn't permitted to wear these «hot shorts» because my prude parents considered them indecent, too thight on the crotch and so too revealing. And yet I thought that I got well shaped, comely and smooth legs and thighs , especialy a nice bulge to show off around my pubes. But I learned that for some individuals, a young man in short shorts is not a good look. No need to explain further

@yvan125 Yes, it's really unfair. I was already an undergraduate student in the 70's when wearing jeans cut offs and...

No, I don't think that my parents were prude . They had rather a good judgment and the sense of proprieties, As a college student, I was often acting without judgment and maturity, Actually, that trend of « hot shorts» initiated and popularized by the gay community was truly indecent or too much revealing, My parents had sometimes to resort to some forms of corporal punishments( detentions, spankings, strappings) when I wasn't in my right mind, to keep me in the right track.

It hasn't always been that way. Did anyone here ever watch the old James Bond movies (Sean Connery?)

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and when guys wear dresses it's disturbing... and low cut shirts... and stockings..
there are lots of things women wear that men can't, js.

gees! really? whats the problem? I grew up in the 80s, short shorts were the norm for most guys and boys. Granted youre body shape should be a guide to what might work and what wont, but here in australia, guys in shorts football shorts is part of the aussie summer! Im slim and fit , i have no problem at the beach or out in short shorts, but theres a difference between just short ......and too tight /revealing/hot pants tho, definatly not a good look,!

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