"TellMeIAmRight" is such a copier of this site, amirite?

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I just went on it, it was terrible. DO. NOT. GO. ON. THAT. SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

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It remind me of when supermarkets do their own brand of stuff, like corn flakes, and they call them flakes of corn and put them in a really crappy box.

baconFESTs avatar baconFEST Yeah You Are +14Reply

Yea it's just a crappy version of this site

Anonymous +11Reply

"Tell Me I Am Right?" That is OBVIOUSLY a rip-off version of "amirite?" Ugly lay-out, bad grammar, stupid posts, it's a fail.


JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are +5Reply

That site is just a worthless wannabe.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are +4Reply

It's crap, and a copy. And the grammar is bad. And the layout isn't as pretty. Ew.

hahahahah look at their top posts. funny.

No its not, they are posting particular situations applicable to themselves, stuff we would yell at them for. It sucks, but its not a copy.

Wow. That site sucks.

ChuckNourishs avatar ChuckNourish Yeah You Are 0Reply

It's practically the same thing. :(

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are 0Reply

-_- tellmeiamright.com is shitty!

its not the same thing...that sight is where people help other see if they are right or wrong in an argument with someone. this site is more about random things that we all do.

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