evryone has cheated on a test at least once. amirite?

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Spelling test when I was little.
How can you NOT cheat when the answers are on the other side of the test!?
We folded the paper in half hotdog style. One side had the little line where you put the answers, the other side was the answers.
Somehow, they didn't expect cheating.

Kurrainettes avatar Kurrainette Yeah You Are +18Reply
@LittleRed Seriously? Omg, I wish MY school did that!

It was elementary.
Also, I usually didn't need it.
The words were really easy...
Well, I did have some trouble with the word "didn't" for a while because I didn't know where the apostrophe went.

Kurrainettes avatar Kurrainette Yeah You Are +1Reply

Pretty much how I passed 7th grade geography. I mean, I sat next to all the Asians!

AnnDeevas avatar AnnDeeva Yeah You Are +16Reply

I don't cheat.. My eyes just slip.

I once cheated on a woodshop test. thats pretty bad.

rapemasterflexs avatar rapemasterflex Yeah You Are +8Reply

all the "no way" people are liars

zooeysaysCHEESEs avatar zooeysaysCHEESE Yeah You Are +7Reply

Well, sometimes I finish the test and steal a glance at what my classmate put, but I usually won't change the answer unless it'll really affect my grade.

ChubbyBunniezs avatar ChubbyBunniez Yeah You Are +6Reply

It's called team work.

SourceofSmiles avatar SourceofSmile Yeah You Are +6Reply

I cheated once when my teacher, who usually gives really difficult tests, gave us a take home test. Pretty much every kid in the class cheated.

Ram27s avatar Ram27 Yeah You Are +5Reply

it's not hard to be honest, its the bad grade you might get that is really hard.

Anonymous +4Reply

Haha my whole geometry class did this today (the sub never even noticed.)

@Snap_Crackle_Pop Haha my whole geometry class did this today (the sub never even noticed.)

That happened to me in chem. But the test was RIDIULOUS. She gave us a huge sheet of info that we never learned and said we were being tested the next day.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are 0Reply

Half of the time, in my classes, there's posters on the walls with lots of the answers on them! :P

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Omg who hasn't?

Anonymous +3Reply

I haven't! Is it that hard to be honest people? I mean really.

Anonymous +3Reply
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My teacher helped me cheat. That counts, right?

i have my notes on the floor. so when i get stuck i look down, lmfao.

SamanthaJacksons avatar SamanthaJackson Yeah You Are +2Reply

I was the one who helped other kids cheat in highschool. write the answers on a small piece of paper and spend the rest of the period throwing it around.

ilostmyshoes avatar ilostmyshoe Yeah You Are +2Reply

Every day.

Mikes avatar Mike Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nothing important.

Anonymous 0Reply

today on my ap stats exam. Whoever invented Ti-npires is a genius.

Anonymous 0Reply

i never had! I'm too much of a goody-goody.

Anonymous 0Reply

More than once, but usually I'm letting friends cheat off of me.

TicTacAddicts avatar TicTacAddict Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hell, I cheated on all my finals.

riceftws avatar riceftw Yeah You Are 0Reply

I wouldn't call it "cheating" per se, it's more of a group work, with all the class involved.

Readers avatar Reader Yeah You Are 0Reply

My friend and I do.. We always say we wont..but we end up.

In my other class he can't even hear us!! So we always get a's!


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