Will you guys shut up with the amirites saying "California Girls? More like (Enter State Here) Girls!!!" There is no better state than California, there is no worse state than California. But California Kids, that's something I'm ok with! Amirite?

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Pedo bear is so funny.


@KylieRayy california

Wow so do I! We have a lot in common lets meet in a dark alley tomorrow where there are no cops!

cant wait, sugar! ;)

half of this post is pointless and i think a lot of people will overlook it just because it's too long

@No one loves you. Posts by Pedo_Bear don't get over looked.

wow. the famous "no one loves you". that really hurt.

@KylieRayy wow. the famous "no one loves you". that really hurt.

Hey, if you're going to be a bitch, then be one somewhere else. By the way you're probably over 18 or something, and that's nasty, so get the fuck outta here.

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