A Microwave Minute is when time slows down while waiting for you food to heat in the microwave. Side effects- increased hunger, slowing of all the clocks in your house and walking around aimlessly trying to kill time. Microwave minute has the ability to slow time turning one minute into what feels like an hour. After reading this, you will so start applying this term to everyday events, amirite?

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urban dictionary....

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hey hey, alright, I never claimed it was my own, did I? I clearly pasted the definition- and I loved it and thought, shit, I'm going to use it towards every day happenings. I thought I might not be the only one, so I put it on here for all the people who hadn't heard of it before. God, sue me for trying to bring a smile to someone's face?

Stealing ideas is one thing, but copying and pasting. How about you actually use your brain next time, okay?

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You just copied and pasted this from urban dictionary, my god, that is disgusting.

@#372648 (swankorn) You're, like, the 20th person to say that.
So, you're not original either.

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urban dictionary anyone...
thought this sounded familiar.

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obviously it's from urban dictionary! they're giving a definition and they're not even trying to hide that it's from there. did any of you read the above comments stating that it was from urban dictionary?

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