Really, the only reason people buy COACH purses is to show off that they can afford it. Because in all reality, you can find an almost identical copy of every purse, it just won't have c's all over it, amirite?

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Sarrsberry must be rich for thinking everyone can buy a purse of $500 every month or so. And only wear a shirt ONCE. Wtf. Maybe he/shes just lying?

Eh I had a coach purse before (I got it on sale) and it was really the best purse I ever had. It lasted forever without so much as a rip.

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I hope sarrsberry is lying. If you have that much money, you should do something better with it than buy a new $500 purse every month.

Who only wears a shirt once?

Not every Coach purse is 500$. And I would much rather pay more for a purse that would last me years, than having to buy a new one when a cheap one breaks down.

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Well.... their leather stuff lasts a long time, so I like that.

Their newer stuff, you actually honestly can't find stuff close to it, unless MAYBE you go Betsey Johnson.

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not funny, weirdo

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Coach isn't even that expensive though.

@sarrsberry Coach isn't even that expensive though.

Thank you! $500 for a purse at coach is on the highend, while $500 might get you half a wallet at chanel. The purses are ugly and bitches act like they're really something special with their $150 bag. Please, all the 7th graders at my secondary school had that crap that's under your arm

Or you could go to China and buy fake Coach bags for less than $5 each. They're quite useful, I have a few and they've lasted almost two years. =D

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Well its not like your buying a purse everyday, if you pay $500 on a purse every month or two then its fine. Its not like a shirt, you aren't wearing it once.

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