It's kind of ironic that I passed out at a water park due to dehydration, amirite?

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Aww, you OK? :)

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not too unbelievable though since you are walking around in the sun and it's kinda hard to carry a waterbottle with you.

Also I dunno if it was from dehydration or nor but at six flags I got really woozy while in line because we were waiting in the sun for about thirty minutes while hauling a heavy tube up a staircase and the lifegaurds gave me some water to make me feel better

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That happened to me before, too! We spent so long waiting in line to get into the water park that I passed out before even getting to see any of it

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Being in water actually dehydrates you... I can't remember exactly why but it's due to the water pressure within your cells and osmosis and such. So yes, ironic, but unexpected? No. I hope you were okay though!

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It makes sense. You dont wanna drink any of THAT water, thats for sure. Little kids peeing in it, old guys sweating in it. gross

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