If you believe in anything, believe in a higher power. Higher than you is your parents, higher than them is the goverment. Higher than the goverment is the U.N. and higher than them is Death. Because death has the power to take away any livings beings power. amirite?

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I like this post and how you wrote it for every one. Good job!

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I know. Death seems like a bad thing. But the pay is good. And we get nice benefits

I wish the UN would go away already.

The UN is more powerful than governments? lol.

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That last statement is SO false

Well in my country, the people have power over the government. Not the other way around...

Except that death is an abstract concept and is not an actual entity.

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The U.N. doesn't do shit.

but u forgot one thing the thing higher then death is God.

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@but u forgot one thing the thing higher then death is God.

I am not religious, I did not include that because I do not believe in god, I also did not include it because I did not write this post to benifit those who do believe in God, but to benifit everyone. Not everyone believes in the same higher power, but most everyone accepts a higher power.

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@but u forgot one thing the thing higher then death is God.

And based on what religious people have told me, no. I'm not religious, but I've been told by people who do believe in God that he believes in free will, and he won't stop death. Goes against the laws of nature or something.

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