It doesn't make sense how one girl is 20 and she sends nude pics to her BOYFRIEND and she's a whore. Another girl is 12 and she has SEX with your boyfriend, and that's NORMAL. Where is the logic. amirite?

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sooo. wtz rong wit dat. i do it all da tym. i am 12

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Well it's not normal where I'm from, actually it's terrible where I'm from. But I do agree with your first point though.

im a freshman and i personally don't think any girl should have a boyfriend until she's in highschool, let alone have SEX with him.
my point is it's fine to do something with your boyfriend, but not someone elses.

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dude lyk get a lyf.

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k. so, you spend your time scrolling down other peoples ideas and telling them to get a life. why are you telling me to get a life? amirite?
lol, i am.

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I am 12 and what is this?

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i really don't care how old you or anyone here is, ive made my point and said what I have to say.

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I agree completely. Som of my friends have started to have sex in grade 8 and earlier, and I'm really worried about them ...

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What 20 year olds do you know that are called a whore for doing that? I don't see anything wrong with doing that.

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