It's normal to be 34 years old, still haven't had your first kiss, and still live your divorced father... my dad is starting to get worried... its normal, amirite?

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Yes, that's normal. The official cutoff for basement-dwelling as an acceptable lifestyle is 50. Since I'm 51 and live in my grandmother's wine cellar, I officially became a freak 4 months ago at my last birthday.

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@sarcasm doesnt transfer well over text

...unless you're intelligent enough to know a ridiculous statement when you see one. Seriously though, if this is a troll, contragulations, you seem to be getting plenty of NWs. Otherwise, why on earth would you be seeking approval on a website full of insecure teens and twentysomethings?

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@sarcasm doesnt transfer well over text

I actually totally got that sarcasm, and found it amusing.

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