Sometimes you just have to talk bad about your bestfriend to someone you know will never tell, amirite?

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Wtf I was just feeling guilty about doing this -_-

Imaybewrongs avatar Imaybewrong Yeah You Are +10Reply

depends on how you define "talking bad"...if you're mad at them & need to vent, i don't think there's a problem with saying "omg i'm so mad at sarah i hate when she acts like this" or something. but if it's stupid gossiping like "i hate sarah's dumb clothes. and she thinks she's funny, but she's not. and she really needs to find a haircut that works for her" then no, i don't think that's ever okay.

BetaEmissions avatar BetaEmission Yeah You Are +6Reply

Remind me why you're friends with them?

Frozens avatar Frozen No Way +5Reply

That's horrible...

DimezXs avatar DimezX No Way +4Reply

I hate my best friend's boyfriend and she's starting to act like him and it is driving me crazy. Glad I got that off my chest !

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It's not talking bad if your supposed best friend calls you slut/skank/whore etc. frequently.

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