The number of anonymous posts on this site shows how cowardly humans are. They can't even stand behind their opinion online, where they're anonymous anyway, amirite?

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There are other reasons to make an anonymous post, besides just being too cowardly to "stand behind your opinion."

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Speak for yourself, not most people.

I agreed with this, but only because I absolutely love your sense of irony and sarcasm xD

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I love the sarcasm. It seems some people may not have gotten it.

Lol all the people arguing either can't read or have their sarcasm meter off.

I don't have an account because I was heavily stalked after making an account online. The called my house number, and I gave him no information at all on how he could have gotten it (not my real name, state I lived in, email, anything) so making an account on a site is a big turn-off for me. But no, that doesn't make me a coward.

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@ChristinaIsMe Says who?

So I know you asked this ages ago, but I just now saw it.

It was me.

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Dude, your a fucking dumb ass. There's plenty of other reasons to post anonymously. Plus, you say that like humans are the only species on earth that have cowardly characteristics. Quit bashin on shit and post something funny or enlightening. No more of this bullshit where you point out flaws.this goes for everybody putting down stuff. Be fuckin optimistic you worthless cock tacos!!!!

Hah oh right, fuck me. Still though, there is a lot of bashin goin on these days.

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