Rape shouldn't be illegal, it helps make new babies for the Earth, amirite?

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Any man who has been raped is hating your guts right now.

@TeenageWerewolf Any man who has been raped is hating your guts right now.

I just read something and you're right, men can be raped . Sorry


they rape men?

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The world is over-populated as it is. What kind of jackass posted this anyway? And how the hell did it get homepaged?

Do we need more babies?

@oink Do we need more babies?

We have like 7 billion people on earth. Do we need more? You answer.
Hint: No

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@We have like 7 billion people on earth. Do we need more? You answer. Hint: No

(pickle popcorn juice): Actually, In Europe, especially Germany, there is a shortage of young people. It's all oldies.

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@Happy_penguin That means we should solve it by raping people?

No, I was just correcting the fact that Europe could do with more babies.

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Who would post this? Clearly they don't understand how violating it is for a woman (or a man...?) to be raped. And besides, the Earth is pretty overpopulated as it is.

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Suprise sex is'nt happy sex :-(

Someone fetch me my wand! This troll needs a magical stick shoved up its nose. Maybe that'll put some sense into its head -_-

Obvious troll is obvious.

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Dude...That's insensitve, and just plain UNcool.

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But women can't get pregnant from legitimate rape.

the world woulld be overpopulated which would plunge us into an even worse recession

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get outa here trolllll

What the hell is wrong with you?! Raping is a horrible thing to do you sick, fucking bastard!!

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Why are troll posts homepaged so often?

Your head is full of crap.

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How bout you and the other forty some people who agreed with you just not press charges if you get raped.

Yes it is illegal. It should be illegal. Rape is forced on the other person. You need help, NOW!!!

No. We do not. Abortion, FTW.

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Did anyone even read the username? Lol. It's so obvious. I'm surprised this post was given enough attention to be on homepage twice now.

Remember, you're being blessed with the child.

People, people, please! Don't feed the troll! troll smilie

are you retarded? like forreal?

@hannnnah are you retarded? like forreal?

you must be if you bothered to feed the troll.

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@hannnnah feed the troll? wtf?

get off my internet.

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@get off my internet.

get off my earth hahah

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The thing about the troll was from Harry potter. ;)

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Plus some rape victims are so shocked they won't even get pregnant

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