You shouldn't be allowed to be a fan of a band from a different country. People should support their own country's music industry. Amirite?

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In Soviet Russia music likes you.

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But, I love music from the UK, Canada, Finland, and New Zealand. D;

@TicTacAddict But, I love music from the UK, Canada, Finland, and New Zealand. D;

Okay so why is it everyone seems to suddenly love Finnish music?

@lecornergirl Okay so why is it everyone seems to suddenly love Finnish music?

Haha. You're from Finland. That's awesome. <3 Really, I didn't know much of Finnish music, but the band, Korpiklaani, got me into it. :D

Nuh uh, Finnish music is awesome. (:

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@rebekah Nuh uh, Finnish music is awesome. (:

IT TOTALLY IS and I have the (sometimes) good fortune of being Finnish :)

America keeps turning out crappy music, why would I want to be a fan of crappy music?

Wow, that is an impressively stupid thing to say. Try talking to some bands from your country and see if they like that idea, hm? I'd lay odds they'd think you're completely daft.

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So being Canadian, I would only be able to listen to Marianas Trench (saw them at westerner days BTW), Faber Drive, Hedley and Arcade Fire. I adore them, but I gotta have my Brit rock. The Who just wins everything. Ever.

Paramore has to be my all time favorite American band. I love Hayley Williams to bits...and not just because she plays Left 4 Dead 2 haha.

Tokio Hotel is also pretty decent. Sometimes whiny at times, but they have some good songs.

Also, Abba. They are a great Swedish band. <3

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What kind of Communist music fan are you???

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That's just stupid. Canada has some if my favorite bands and I'm American. Nobody sings like Celine here, anyway.

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I bet you only talk to people from your country, since clearly talking to people from other countries isn't patriotic. And do you only eat dishes which were created in your country? It sucks to be you. Also, your suggestion of people being 'banned' from listening to what they want to goes against free will and people's rights to listen to whatever they want to.

So I'm only allowed to listen to Canadian music? (Okay, so Mariana's Trench and Hedley are two of my favourite bands, but still..)

I'm going to listen to all the brit rock I like, kthnx.

Give up Daft Punk, Rolling Stones, Flight of the Conchords, Beatles, INXS, U2, Gorillaz, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins to, "Support my country's music industry?" Yeah, fuck the OP.

I bet OP likes foreign cars.

Uh, wtf... No Beatles, Clapton, Clash, Sex Pistols, Swell Season or Elvis Costello? Uh, nice try.

I'm not giving up the arctic monkeys, peter bjorn and john, franz ferdinand, or bloc party. Sorry, but it's just not gonna happen

Why? I live in Canada and I listen to music from America, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, India, Jamaica and Trinidad. I don't see a problem, really.

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I don't know if you're trolling or what. But news flash: The Beatles are probably the most popular band of all time. They shaped the American music industry. British invasion ftw.

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The music industry sucks as it is. It's all about making money, not making music.

hell no.

Whenever I have a stressful day, I always listen to Chinese Classical music.
Really calms me down~ =w=

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no. That would be awful

McFly and Coldplay...yeah, wouldn't give that up for the world :)

You are one exemplary specimen of troll.

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What? No way! I could never give up Flogging Molly, and I occasionally listen to the Beatles (do they count since they aren't a band anymore?).

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Civil Twilight = <3

i disagree completely

....in america!

Doesn't even make sense. That would be so limited. I need foreign music. The world would suck without it.

I like my Kpop too much , better than American music IMO . This was a rather stupid post.

NOOOOOO! I love Camila!

Also, Phil Collins is love.

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So, I have to give up all my J-Pop because it isn't patriotic? In your dreams. I can't survive off of only The Starting Line. (I'd say Dashboard Confessional too, but I forget where that's from.)


I am Canadian. Most bands and singers which I listen to (which are oldies in my case) are mostly American.

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