There was some REALLY creepy shows on Cartoon Network when we were little... Pinky and the Brain, Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, even The Powerpuff Girls had some sketchy moments, amirite?

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ahhh those were 10000000000000000000000x better than whats on now flapjack and chowder is complete shit

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Courage used to FREAK me out.

hawtumnmaries avatar hawtumnmarie Yeah You Are +23Reply

courage the cowardly dog used to scare the crap out of me...along with some episodes of hey arnold but that was on nick

Him was the villain that made every parent question if their child should watch tv.

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Dexter Laboratory gave me some creeps sometimes too... I mean, Mandark was pretty much stalking DeeDee at one point O.o


PS Him, from PPG, scared the crap outta me x(

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despite how sketchy they were, I'd love to watch them again. especially compared to the crap on now. its cartoon network and half the shows arent cartoons x)

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Him from PPG always reminded me of like a tranny. My dad always called him the gay devil.

invader zim was nickalodeon...

@MeMyselfAndIOwn invader zim was nickalodeon...

It was still sketchy and kinda scary...

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ah. sorry bout invader zin one... and in the powerpuff girls all of the villians were creepy, Him, Mojo jojo, the Gangreen Gang.... yeah especially Him, he was a child molester heshe.
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Yeah, those shows had their moments... especially Courage. I hated watching it, but I had to because my brother would steal the remote...

I still remember when Muriel got sucked into a hole in the floor and Courage had to save her... That gave me nightmares for weeks.

@SerendipitalAmity I still remember when Muriel got sucked into a hole in the floor and Courage had to save her... That gave me...

I remembered one where courage had to get a box for some gangster roach thing,and he opened a door and there was some girl playing some instrument and then she turns around and screams loudly.That scared me O-o

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I don't see why people were so scared by Courage, I was a little scaredy-cat when I was little, and I loved that show. Stupid dog! You made me look bad. OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

Courage the Cowardly Dog was my favorite show! I'd watch it on Friday nights with my sisters. Eventually my mom had to stop giving me sippy cups because I'd pee myself.

The King Ramses Curse and Freaky Fred scared me the most.


@JennaGee Courage the Cowardly Dog was my favorite show! I'd watch it on Friday nights with my sisters. Eventually my mom had...

I used to absolutely love Courage the Cowardly Dog! I still watch it because it's better than most cartoons on TV these days.

slytherinangels avatar slytherinangel Yeah You Are +1Reply

haha yeah I thought Invader Zim was on Nickelodeon. That Teenage Robot show was kinda weird too.

iWeasleys avatar iWeasley Yeah You Are +5Reply

Courage the Cowardly Dog would scare the crap out of me. I couldn't watch it or else I'd get nightmares.

JoJocircuss avatar JoJocircus Yeah You Are +5Reply

PPG were scary sometimes...Whenever Him came on I hid and that zombie magician episode scared the crap out of me when I was little...
The others weren't scary...they were just gross and disturbing o_o

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Courage the Cowardly Dog scared me. I never wanted to watch it but I did anyway.
I loved Invader Zim and Billy and Mandy. I didn't get to watch much Pinky and the Brain....
And I loved The Powerpuff Girls but HIM was quite possibly the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Invader Zim, AHHH! Real Monsters, Pinky and the Brain, Making Fiends. I love those shows!!!

slytherinangels avatar slytherinangel Yeah You Are +5Reply

Does anyone remember that show Catscratch? Didnt last very long, but it was one of my favs :)

XsoulXsnatcherXs avatar XsoulXsnatcherX Yeah You Are +5Reply

Pinky and the Brain was the greatest show to ever be on TV

Wow this post and these comments made me realize how much I miss these shows, despite how creepy or weird they were.

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I love them all but Courage The Cowardly Dog was SO scary! Me and my cousin watched it recently.. We were freaked out for the rest of the night.

Alices avatar Alice Yeah You Are +3Reply

It goes to show you, if you don't think something is supposed to be scary it won't scare you. When I was little I accidentally watched part of what I now know was a horror movie and wasn't scared. Its just psychology.

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Invader zim and pinky and the brain are the best cartoons of life. So put that in your juice box and suck it!

Do you know WHAT!... I still love courage the cowardly dog. I'm 13..... Is that wierd??? But who doesn't love a super strong-fat old lady holding-talking-computer using dog??? I mean...really

Courage the Cowardly Dog... try watching that shit alone in the middle of the night... .___.

And Him from PPG, I still don't know what the f*ck that thing IS :/

CheeseIsCools avatar CheeseIsCool Yeah You Are +3Reply

What was sketchy in that last one?

Mein_Geists avatar Mein_Geist Yeah You Are +2Reply

"reeetuurrrnnnnnn tthhheeee slllaaaaaaaabbbbb"

@nickelxeye "reeetuurrrnnnnnn tthhheeee slllaaaaaaaabbbbb"

dude!!! i hated that episode. it scared the crap outta me lol

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I never thought Invader Zim was or Powerpuff Girls was but Courage the Cowardly Dog gave me nightmares

I use to love the powerpuff girls.

@marou239 ....used to?

it's not on anymore P:

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@it's not on anymore P:

Yes it is. It comes on Boomerang

@it's not on anymore P:

Just because it's not on anymore doesn't mean you can't still like it.

What about i am weasel. Baboon was gross :( and courage scared me when that singing person came out of the record. Power puff girls scared me every time him was on an episode.

Power Puff Girls creeped the HELL out of me. And yeah all the rest were pretty dark...but awesome :)

Anonymous +1Reply

Those were the best

Courage The Cowardly Dog would completely freak me out. I had nightmares about that stuff when I was little..

Anonymous +1Reply

Ahhhhhhh! The grim adventures, that was my favorite one! :D

Anonymous +1Reply

Courage used to freak me out, as did Grim Adventures.

Anonymous +1Reply

U guys are crazy, those were all of the best shows! Although Coaurage was pretty creepy

courage the cowardly dog was amazing (:

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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy , Pinky and the Brain and Courage the Cowardly Dog were my favourite shows ! (: <3

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What about that show Monsters AHHH Real Monsters? That sh!t wasw freaky man...

with courage the cowardly dog, I just used to pray that someday he would get out of that goddamn desert.. the fact that they were the only people out there used to make me shit bricks

also the old guy looked like a pedo.

Him was basically Satan. (sure he dimmed down over the episodes, but in his introduction episode he was downright disturbing, that voice that would smoothly sail over from "effeminate and playful" to "angry and terrifying" all with that echo that made him sound as inhuman as possible. ("powerpuff girls we love you...powerpuff girls..powerpUFF GIRLS POWERPUFF GIRLS!") Then he talked to "Mr. Quackers" which made him look like a psychopathic manchild. Courage was terrifying in every single way, and was touching in other episodes. Katz still gives me shivers with his blank stare, and cold voice.. And when coupled with his dissonant, yet catchy and awesome, leitmotif, he was always perfectly suited to scare the living shit out of you. Not to mention freaky fred the serial "barber" i.e rapist. Invader zim was perfectly terrifying just with the all around atmospshere, (source music of doom was quite frankly one of the very few tracks that made me feel uneasy) and given how flat-out braindead everyone other than dib was in that show, was just unsettling.

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I loved courage the cowardly dog and ben ten and Camp lazlo
..... Does anyone remember the show where there was a mom whi researched as a scientist and she studied aliens and she had a son and a daughter and there was a middle aged old man and one of the episodes they fought the sandman/ boogey man?

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