The thought that at any living moment there may be a chance that you could become possessed by a demon of some sort, creeps the hell out of you. amirite?

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not trying to start a religion war, but if you have God in your life you can't get possessed

My initial thought was, "Pffft this is bullshit!" and then I realized that, if this were a movie, me thinking that pretty much guaranteed me getting possessed by a demon..

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Thanks for getting that thought in my mind.:P

But if the hell's already creeped out of me, why must I worry about demons?

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(Shadowmario580) if you believe in god you have to believe in the devil =3

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was this supposed to be ironic? if it was accidental thats awesome

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I just hope they're not blue and scaly and named Seth.

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Honestly, that's one of my biggest fears. I personally believe in demons and that they can do that. O_O

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My grandma didn't promise a son to a demon so I think I'm good.

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just why are all the "i dont believe in that" comments getting thumbed down? i agree.

Demons don't possess me, I possess demons.

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insert atheistic comment.

Nope, because we live in real life, not a mediocre horror movie.

it would be creepy as hell, but i don't think demons exist, so therefor i'm not too worried about it.

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Considering the fact that they don't exist (along with ghosts, God, mermaids, etc.) no.

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