go on you tube and watch "Ryan's story" ( kid who committed suicide because of bullying) i promise you, you will feel bad after you watch it, amirite?

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Feel bad why? Because some kid committed suicide?

he was bullied

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@metalkiddatNJ he was bullied

A lot of people are bullied. Because some kid was dumb enough to hang himself over it I should should feel bad? What about all the other saps who kill themselves for dumb reasons? Their problem, not mine anymore.

But I don't bully people.

Screw what other people think, to a certain extent. I'm not gonna go get a butter-knife because some kid calls me skinny, fat, stupid, stinky etcetera . I'd just be glad I'm not the anorexic whore whose never heard of a t-shirt and is thinner in width of an iPad. Anyways, lot's of kids killed themselves because of teasing or bullying, why should only he and some other handful of kids actually make the News?

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how would someone call you skinny then fat

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