Just curious to see the language diversity of amirite. Click "yeah you are" if you speak another language(s) besides English and "no way" if you only speak English. Comment and let me know what other languages you speak, amirite?

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Greek, French (not fluent in it), first year in Italian, some self-taught Japanese, forced to learn Ancient Greek at school

And I want to learn German, Russian, Korean, Polish, Spanish...

Alexuss avatar Alexus Yeah You Are +1Reply

french and spanish, but im not fluent in either

Eoh_Kelvins avatar Eoh_Kelvin Yeah You Are 0Reply

French and a little bit of Japanese.

slytherinangels avatar slytherinangel Yeah You Are 0Reply

Tsonga ( a language in south africa), learning spanish and chinese

Kaycees avatar Kaycee Yeah You Are 0Reply

learning to speak german. third year right now.. doing pretty well.

Spanish and gibberish

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Turkish, and a little spanish

French Hindi english

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English and Arabic
And a little bit Spanish

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SPANISH= yo quiero voy a la playa los domingos con tu mama :D lmfao

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im german and only speak german at home ... only english in school and i am in my 4th year of spanish ... my friend teaches me korean too .. :)

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