Most atheists are in favor of abortion...This only makes sense when you think about the fact that they don't believe that babies have souls. If you're pro-life and a Christian, you need to try to convert as many people as possible so we can put a stop to baby-killing, amirite?

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You're saying: "Even in cases of incest or rape, abortion is totally evil. Oh, and if that kid grows up to be gay or have different views than you, fuck him/her." Your god kills tons and tons of innocent people every day. "Pro-life"? Please, look at the history of your religion and see all the damage its caused. The Jew killers, the segregationists, etc, they were all fair-weather Christians, doing what the Bible told them to do. And now, you guys want to be credited for saving all the people you've surpressed. Do you realize that the Bible says it's a-okay to kill your neighbor if he's working on a Sunday, own a slave, stone your children, but you can't eat shrimp? It's not your body, so it's not your choice whether she gets an abortion.

nice try, but you won't find religious fanatics on this witty, intellectual website.

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I say keep your religion to yourself. Let the mother have the choice. Its her baby she has to live with it feed it and care for it. And if she cant why should she have to.

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most atheists are not in favor of abortion, some are pro-choice because its a woman's right to chose what she does with HER baby, not some guys in suits i who hav never experienced wat its like to hav a child or make a horrible mistake tht results in said child or hav been raped which results in saiud child

yes but those special cases where the mother would die, or the child would be in pain all their life, THEN an aborion is ok, right?

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@yes but those special cases where the mother would die, or the child would be in pain all their life, THEN an...

or if the mother was raped or if for some reason something happened and someone got pregnant but didn't want the baby, so the baby would never be loved, maybe be in and out of foster care for the rest of his/her life, and end up being mad at the world and quite hateful. End the end the child tht wasnt wanted will most likely, as studies have shown, end up on the streets, committing horrible crimes and possibly killing people... All because someone made one dumb mistake, didnt want the baby, maybe was forced to keep it, or the child was forced in and out of foster/adoption agencies.

I say again. Stop posting stuff like this. Yes, converting people is good. Yes, abortion is bad. No, this is neither the time nor the place for such posts. No one is going to change their mind because of some annoying posted on amirite.net. The only difference you're making is a negative one by making everyone annoyed with Christians. Many of them will evn assume that we're all as annoying as you are.

Ever heard of separation of church and state?

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