Beginning of long car trip: "WOOHOOO ROAD TRIP! I am so excited, this is going to be great!" Half way through road trip: "OMG get me out of this car! I can't take these people anymore!" End of Road trip: " I am going to go OJ SIMPSON on everyone in the car in about 5 seconds... OMG FREEDOM!", amirite?

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I don't know anyone who says 'OMG' out loud.

i like how her profile picture is IN THE CAR ...

@slimy_waffles i like how her profile picture is IN THE CAR ...

it was also taken at the beginning of the trip haha.

@slimy_waffles ahh the 'woohoo' part ... lmfao

Yep! road trip to cinci, 15 passenger van, I was the oldest person in the van besides the driver. Goodbye sanity haha.

and i dont know anyone who would be excited for a road trip enough to say, 'woohoo'

Get rid of all the OMG's and then you have me.

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