Michael Jackson may or may not of been a pedophile...but everyone likes at least one of his songs, if they're not too close-minded to not give his music a shot. Amirite?

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Dammit it's "have been". Why can no one realize this?

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Kinda arrogant to say that everybody who listened to his music liked it.

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I was never a big fan of Michael Jackson. His songs were okay though. I didn't hate the music. It just wasn't the genre I liked listening to.

hmm looks like i am the only big fan on here...whatever, i just expected there to be more because of the other sites

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Sorry! Gah. It was like 2am when I posted this. And its not arrogant. He has so many different kinds of songs everyone is bound to like one of them.

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I liked 'Smooth Criminal' personally. And the music video was freakin' awesome! Though I'm not a real fan of who he was as a person.

Nah his music was annoying and too much pop. And he definitely was a pedophile. And fricken scary looking.

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I was teased at school because my name was Diana, everyone though of the Michael Jackson song. :/

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