It's so unfair - when we were little, all we wanted was to be older (you know - get to stay up late, drive cool cars, etc). But now that we ARE older, we just want to be a little kid again (you know - the biggest decision being what coloured crayon to use at colouring time, or who's your best friend). Amirite?

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I wish i was 5 again.....I think it's kind of funny how when your five after 3 min. of meeting someone, they're your best friend

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@KitKat13 That's what was amazing... EVERYONE was your best friend!

@61069 (KitKat13): yeah, i can't even remember one person in my kindergarten class that wasn't my friend! xD

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But being a kid is pretty dull once you've do with all the colouring and that, I couldn't go out drinking and have a laugh when i was five, could i?

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