So many people try to be individual; dress differently, listen to different music, act differently, colour their hair differently, etc. But, because so many people try to be so unique in these ways, no one is truly unique. A lot are just carbon copies of a new fad. Amirite?

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If they want to do that i dont really care, i dont do anything like that, though. i think its kinda dumb that people are trying to be cool and follow trends. im not much of a follower, or a leader, im just kinda a passing bistander, i guess.

You could say that, though it's a very depressing way to look at the world. Because you say 'no one', you submit that you yourself are a carbon copy of something similar. The problem with today is that people look around them and say "Why am I the only original person?" or "Everyone around me is fake. I am the only true person." And with that we get arrogance. And with arrogance, we get the types of people you see on the Jersey Shore.

Now, I'm not saying that everyone is fake, and I'm not saying that everyone is a complete individual. I'm saying that there are levels of conformity, and most of us conform an awful lot.

Tl;dr: I agree.

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i hate those people who actually describe themselves as "artsy, misunderstood, unique..."

most people nowadays who are truly unique also have mental disorders. or do tons of drugs. like lewis carroll!

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Exactly why I hate when people think I dye my hair to "stand out" or because I'm "misunderstood". I dye it because I like color, and I have never considered myself understood, except when I'm talking because I talk really fast. -_-

...unless you're Lady Gaga.

but everyone's unique, silly!

um... every one is unique!

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@empires, then yes I agree completely

I am more unique than you or anyone could ever possibly imagine.

So I may not be a revolution in fashion or opinions. Who are you to care? Saying orginality is dead is unoriginal. We all add our own twists on life.

Some of us do things 'uniquely' to please ourselves. Only thing about me I do or have done for others when it comes to my looks is a tribute tattoo. Sure a million other people have my piercings tattoos or had hair like mine or wore stuff like me. But I don't pretend I am cool for what I look like.

Even anti-fashion is a fashion. Spend less time whining about others and spend more time enjoying others.

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ha. it's funny because humans are carbon-based life forms...so they're carbon..copies..yeah.

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I whole heartedly disagree. If this were true we'd all be straight a students, robots, and would have no such things as books or music or art or dancing, or almost anything

@clever_username I whole heartedly disagree. If this were true we'd all be straight a students, robots, and would have no such...

If the OP thinks of this in the same way as me, then...
The people who are being different for the sake of being different, are robots. They think, "Oh, crazy purple for my hair! Yeah! That'll stick it to the man!" rather than, "Oh, this is a nice purple. That would be fun to do!" Idk if that was the best example, but basically, it's annoying when people just don't think for themselves, but act like they're so cool because they're "different" when in reality they look just like everyone else trying to be different.

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