Whose idea was it to only include two plugs in the outlets? You have to pick favorites between your phone, DS, iPod, clock, camera battery charger and whatever other electronic needs charging, amirite?

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There's power strips you can buy lol

My room is about 4 meters by 5 meters, and it still has about 4 power points. What the hell is going on with you?

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Get an extension lead, it has like 4 plugs on it, so if you have two regular plugs you can plug into 2 lots of extension leads and have 8 plugs!

But make sure you dont break the fuse or anything

Live in my neighborhood: lots of outlets: example, my super-small bedroom has 6 outlets, 2 phone jacks, and a cable plug. There are 4 outlets and a phone jack in each bedroom. My brothers equally small bedroom has 7 outlets, 2 phone jacks, and a cable plug. Our garage has 8 lightswitches by itself. Nearly every light is on 2 switches, one right here, an one 5 feet away. Every closet has a light. (except the one under the stairs that actually NEEDS one.) Oh and there are 56 lightswitches. Not sure about actual outlets.

P.S. No idea why I just went into that little rant, I know probably no one gives a crap, so please no hating comments. Thxx.

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P.P.S. My house is a small raised ranch.

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It's called an extension cord, babe.

You do know you can get extensions to plug into your outlet to make it have six outlets, right?

Lol I know.. But six plugs should come standard on houses. I was just making a point that we have a lot of crap and not a lot of convenient places to charge them.

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That's why I have more than one outlet. yay!

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