When you can't think up a good facebook status, you go to amirite... they'll never know, amirite?

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dont post this as a status tho...

affenhausens avatar affenhausen Yeah You Are +13Reply

And I always just take out the "amirite?". My amirite statuses are the ones that get the most likes.

JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are +10Reply

but it's gonna suck if one of your friends know this site and they call you out on their comments. :(

Now I will.

@fonziekj52 Now I will.

My friends think I'm so clever when in reality, all my statuses are from here. :)

yesyouarerites avatar yesyouarerite Yeah You Are +7Reply

I thought I was the only one :D!

Anonymous +3Reply

Good to know I'm not the only one lol

EarIs avatar EarI Yeah You Are +3Reply

OH NO! You've caught on to me! :(

Clovers avatar Clover Yeah You Are +3Reply

I do it! :O

I just use the status shuffle thing on facebook when I can't think of anything. -_-

slytherinangels avatar slytherinangel Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or Twitter >:)

... guilty, twitter and facebook.(:

i got mine liked a lot :-)

Anonymous +1Reply
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