I find it hard to take the Man vs. Wild guy seriously... I mean come on, trying to catch a shark with your bare hands? You have a granola bar in your backpack, don't lie to us. amirite?

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you know that the camera guys are giving him food behind the scenes too...

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dude has an entire camera crew following him around. obviously he's not in any kind of real danger.

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regardless of whether or not people are giving him food behind the scenes or not, you can't deny that this guy has talent. I've seen him fight with aligators, catch fish and bite into their spines while live, and catch snakes in the water and bite their heads off so he can have something to eat. So even if he is getting food from his crew, he has the ability to survive if he weren't.


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Who gives a shit he kills nd eats crazy things.

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i think this EVERY time!!!

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I think man vs. Wild is more of a "what to do if you had to survive like that" type of show. I saw the behind the scenes and it showed like evenything!

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He's the only legit survivalist on TV...and honestly, I'd like to see this shark catching episode of yours.

@Katffro legitimate***

... Honestly, you think I didn't know that?

@NiceBoulder ... Honestly, you think I didn't know that?

No, but I honestly think you're too lazy to type out "legitimate".

@Katffro It makes you look ridiculous.

Honestly, I could care less about public appearance when I'm commenting on something being shown to a handful of people I'll most likely never meet, people that even if I did meet them they would not know it was me, or people that if I met them and they knew this was me they would have forgotten about that or not even care/share your opinion.

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