You hate that one girl who plays video games not out of love of the game but just so she can be the "hot video game chick", amirite?

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I no I mean it makes ppl like me who freakin loves her ps2 to the death look all gayyy

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No she plays cod with me :)

Well, I don't really mind. I love video games and I'm addicted and always have been but if thats the way she wants to go, then I don't really care.

Why else would a girl play video games? We have better things to do unless there's boys involved.

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I love video games. I don't pretend to play games just because it's popular with guys. For example, I hate COD, and not just because I'm bad at it. It bores me. I'd rather play Tekken, or Street Fighter, Midnight Club, or even Spyro ffs. War games aren't my scene.

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