It's weird that Unilever, a corporation, owns both Dove, which sponsors groups where young women can grow as individuals, be independent, and love themselves and also Axe, which advertises by degrading young women and displaying them as sex objects, amirite?

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This post is awesome. Corporate hypocrisy FTW.

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see where im from its called lynx.

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I work for unilever bwuahahaha. I make klondike bars

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We just studied feminism in English and my teacher brought up the Axe ads as an example. We thought this one was especially creepy.
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Oh wow, old post. Basically, it's an Axe ad saying that if you use Axe, you'll be the pencil that all the sharpeners want inside of them.

I was under the impression that Axe was for men...

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@Mike I was under the impression that Axe was for men...

Yes but they're advertisements always give the message of "using axe will make bitches flock to you and give it up like no other."

Jean Kilbourne anyone?

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@Jean Kilbourne anyone?

I didn't mean to sound too feministic, I just thought it was a funny thing, and it just happened to involve women in advertising.

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