My female friend started to ask me, "So, from a man's point of view..." Whoa, hold on right there, let me save you some time. He wants to fuck you, and probably your hot sister and/or mom too. amirite?

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Am I the only guy not crazy obsessed with sex?

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@Am I the only guy not crazy obsessed with sex?

Yes. You are. You might have a mental condition called homosexuality. Might wanna get that checked out.

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U forgot all her hot and semi hot cousins her aunt and her best friend

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(SassyGayBestFreiend) Uh, You're The One Who Calls Himself 'SassyGayBestFriend'!

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You are so damn gay that you could deepthroat a subway footlong and could get assfisted by a dude without him touching the sides.

You so enjoy men in the nude that you bought season tickets to guyapalooza. And you live in a room at Uncle Nancy's All-Male Gentlemen's Club.

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