girls get more pressure to have big boobs than guys do to have big dicks. amirite?

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I'd say it's pretty equal. The only difference is that it's much easier to tell a girl's boob size than a guy's dick size, since most people wear clothes in public. Most people. ;-)

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well duh, its a pretty routine surgery to get breast implants

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I don't think so. Boobs don't directly effect sexual performance.

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but a girl isnt "hot" if she doesnt have the "right" size boobs so girls are pressured everyday, even when they arent sexually active yet.

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@Joe the Plumber
even though they're not important, there's still mmore pressure.

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Big dicks don't either. That's all just rumors. The vagina isn't even the sensitive area. That's the clitoris. And the dick doesn't even touch the clit... :P

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