No, wearing 3D glasses with the lenses punched out does NOT make you look cool. In fact, it just makes you look like a criminal, considering you STOLE the glasses from the movie theater. amirite?

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All the theaters I've been to charge an extra $3 or so for the glasses, then have a bucket for recycling at the exit. But see, by keeping them for yourself, you technically are still recycling them so yeah.

You can steal 3D glasses from the theaters? Anytime I've gone to the movies the glasses are yours to keep and they don't ask for them back or have a bucket or anything to put them in.

It's not stealing if you buy them. I've never heard of a cinema where you borrow them.

WTF are you talking about? Here you have to buy 3D glasses for $1/$2 (can't remember) or if it's a theatre where you don't buy them then they wait and block the doors.

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I just kept a pair of 3D glasses WITH the lenses a while ago and I've been using that pair ever since, because they allow you to keep them and recycle them if you don't.

...at the theater I go to you have to pay for the glasses.

The only place you borrow 3D glasses from, at least here, is the IMAX theater.

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