i have a feeling more people would take the stairs if the stairs played music when you step on them, amirite?

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That is a beautiful idea. Fighting obesity one step at a time.

LOL. The music that they play should be from Mario.

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Oh man! They did this somewhere! (I think in another country.) But every step was like a piano key, but weird enough not a bunch of people took that set of stairs, they took the one without the music. It was neat-o.

It's in Italy!!
I used those stairs!

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There is a children's museum in my town that has a staircase that does that. It's the only way to get into the museum so EVERYONE has to take the stairs. It's so fun and adorable when the little kids stay there just running up and down them or when they play a song.

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The Museum of Science in Boston has that. They call it the Musical Staircase.

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i saw a video on youtube where they did something like that next to an escalator and a WHOLE bunch of people took the stairs instead

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Genius idea! Make it happen!

The science museum I live by has stairs like that. If just a couple of people are on them, it sounds cool, but when a bunch of people are, it sounds like ruckus :p

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Like ImprovEverywhere did.

Sounds like a temple in Eternal Sonata.

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