Lemons. You most likely just thought of either the fruit, various metaphors for life, or the 3rd option. If you thought of the 3rd, you are now either disgusted or interested. The people from the first two options that don't know what I'm talking about in the 3rd will want to look it up. Some will Google it, but the smart ones will use urbandictionary because they know it will probably be gross... amirite?

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Ew... I can't Unser that and I forgot about it. Thank you for injuring my brain with that image again...

Unsee... What is with you, iPhone?!?!

@irismae516 Are you talking about http://www.lemonparty.org ?

Arg, no way. I mean those creepy erotic fanfictions.

@irismae516 Okay...because that is discusting.

Urg, I didn't even think of lemonparty...
Still, some "lemon" stories can be just as disgusting.

there are so many different definitions though, I don't know to which you're referring to :|

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