Mom: "I dont care about other kids, you cant go out till you're 16!" (5 minutes later) Look at the neighbours girl, she's doing so well in school, why cant you be more like her?? amirite?

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They're referring to the not caring about other kids.

Nah, I'm the good kid who makes straight A's and never does anything bad. Parents have been asking their kids why they couldn't be more like me since I started school xP

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Actually, they're referring to hypocrisy... parents saying comparisons to other kids their age don't matter when it suits them, then turning around and using comparisons against them when that seems to make their point. I agree; it's bullshit.

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Omg, I'm ranked 1 in my school based on grades and my mom is a total bitch:( she never let's me go put somewhere with friends, and she tells me I need higher grades. I'm freaking number one my grades are high enough! Ugh and she tells me I have to be "perfect"

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@Omg, I'm ranked 1 in my school based on grades and my mom is a total bitch:( she never let's me go put somewhere...

Wow. That's great. I totally wanted to be number one, but without all the effort. I'm really lazy, so I don't really study or do my homework, and just do enough to get A's. (My own fault, lol.) So, I'm number 19. That's really good of you, though! I don't even know you, and I'm so proud, lol. (:

Story of my life

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@Anonymous(#459316): Sounds... fun...? I guess.

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I HATE when my mom does this D:

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My mom doesn't really compare me to other kids, because I'm the highest ranked black person in my class. It shouldn't be about race, but my mom makes it that way, which lets me off easy. <3

Oh, and if I really wanted to date, I'd sneak, but she's okay with that. ;D

You make no sence. Are you talking about like dating or what?

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WHORE! Why do you want to go out before you are 16? WHORE I SAY!

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