The oil we put in our car's is liquid and its called gas only in North america and people wonder why north american's are sterotyped to be stupid, amirite?

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It's Americans like you that give us bad names. Not all Americans are stupid. Majority of them know that apostrophes are not meant to be used in plurals, such as "cars". Second, you have a run-on sentence. Third, the word is "it's"; "its" is the possessive of "it". Fourth, the word "America" is a proper noun, so IT'S capitalized. Fifth, "North Americans" is also a proper noun, and should not have an apostrophe to show pluralization. And finally, if you're going to use the word "stereotyped", spell it right. Ok? Thanks idiot.

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The actual term is gasoline and it has been shortened to gas.

It's short for gasoline, you idiot.

@dinosaurs: -high five-

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YOU'RE the reason people think North America is stupid.

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Yes, because something like this is definitely going to make people think the Americans are stupid. "Oh, those Americans shorten gasoline to make it sound like it's a gas, not a liquid! They're so stupid! This is totally the fault of every American, and not just the one who created the term!"

Better than "petrol"... But anyway, as others have pointed out, it is short for gasoline. Also, we put actual oil in our cars, too.

that car that you put "petrol" in was invented in North America, so if you want to believe in stereotypes, then at least get your facts straight

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It stands for Gasoline, and its called gas for short, " In North America, the substance is called gasoline, a term often shortened in colloquial usage to gas. It is not a genuinely gaseous fuel (unlike, for example, liquefied petroleum gas, which is stored under pressure as a liquid, but returned to a gaseous state before combustion)" Learn the facts before you accuse us of being stupid, oh and quit being a dummy

No words. This post is...just...no words. THAT'S how stupid it is. It literally hurts my head to read this. Go to English class. Stop being such a megatool. Nobody likes you. Go crawl in a hole and slowly waste away, so I never have to hear your stupidity harm my eyes ever again.

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I kind of want to kick your dog of a bridge because of this.

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In the U.S, gas is is short for gasoline.
In South Africa and I'm sure many other places, petrol is short for petroleum.

You're so right!

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We have other stereotypes.

Quebecers = communists, for example


lol, the Canadians don't even know about us calling them stupid? ;)

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