Never had a MySpace. Never had a FaceBook. Amirite is my first and only. I feel like a virgin who went straight to anal. amirite?

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I had a Myspace, Facebook, FML, MLIA and now amirite. I feel like a whore.

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So you feel like my victims?

@Pedo_Bear So you feel like my victims?

I favorites this post just because of your comment Pedo. You are hilarious.

This post was at 69 and I felt bad for clicking yeah you are : [

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@CynicalConnoisseur Maybe by some miracle we can get 699? Woman-Man-Buttsex

Or 1169, the parents doing 69 and the kids accidentally walking in...

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@UhOhBananaTime That would be magical : D haha

Maybe if the guy giving buttsex was a leprechaun or The Old Spice Man

facebook and myspace are not like amirite

i'm with ya, dude.

im the same , man .

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