The media needs to stop portraying pregnancy at 16 as a good thing, amirite?

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/facepalm Those shows aren't meant to glamorize anything. They're a warning. See all those ruined relationships? All those futures wrecked? Glamorous, huh.

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are you serious?? it sheds light on how terrible having a baby at 16 is!

What country do you live in? Uganda?

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Where in the world could you possibly live where 16 year old pregnancy is a good thing?

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@Where in the world could you possibly live where 16 year old pregnancy is a good thing?

Loads of places. I'm not kidding. Many people in different countries work and have children at 16. If you aren't going to get an education, there is no point in waiting.

Do you not watch tv? So many new reality shows as well as tv series involve 16 year olds becoming pregnant and they glamorize half of it.

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Girls are trying to get pregnant just to be on the show.

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Why do you watch MTV and still complain about the stupid stuff they show on there? That's like shooting up heroin and then going to a school to preach about the dangers of drug abuse.

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To be honest, I get bored and avoid doing my homework and it just happens to be on TV. Did you vote for this post because so far everyone seems to be agreeing with me so if you did then you are contradicting yourself and if not, then okay I'm wrong.

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What am I gonna vote? Either way, it's based on misinformation and misunderstanding.

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That is your opinion.

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