You wonder if kids born in 2010 will wish they were born in the 90's like we teens today wish they were born in the 80's, amirite?

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I don't wanna be born in the 80s. Why do you wanna be born in the 80s?

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@rival to experience the 90's

we did experiance the 90's just as a little kid, I like being born in 94' because the 90's had so many cool toys to play with and the music selection ffrom the 90's is not very good but I didn't pay attention to music then

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Wow, I did a majority of that stuff in the 90's

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@Wow, I did a majority of that stuff in the 90's

I do a majority of that stuff now... because I wish I was born in the 80s.

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Who the fuck wants to grow up in the '80s?
I'd rather have grown up in the '50s like my dad. He has so many badass tales of badassness.

@WryVendor That actually does sound pretty cool, being able to live through the Civil Rights Movement.

my dad went to a lot of rallies (got tear gassed once or twice) and lived thru the the desegregation of tc williams highschool in alexandria, va ('remember the titans', they said my hs hayfield was all white in the movie, its was only 30% white in 2008 :P).

I don't give a crap about experiencing the 90s, sure they were probably great, but being a "90s kid" can be your thing. I'll take my own.

i was born in the beginning of '92 with two older brothers born in the 80's so i got to experience a lot of the 90's and i wouldn't want to be born at any other time. the 90's were awesome.

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The 80's were that great. I still don't understand why they keep making a big deal about it

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@HopeImrite The 80's were that great. I still don't understand why they keep making a big deal about it

People always make a big deal about 80s music, but really, the 80s was the beginning of mass produced plastic sounding commercial music. (Incidentally, MTV and BET were invented in the 80s, so no surprise there.) The synthesizer was to the 80s as the autotune is to the 21st century.

Even the mainstream music of the previous decades sounded so much more soulful and sincere. This is not to say that such music ceased to exist then or now, but there definitely had been a reduction at least in the mainstream.

born in 86 and <3ed growing up in the 90s. Toys were fun, tv was great (mtv in its prime, seinfeld, nikelodeon), music was awesome (hip hop, alternative, boybands!! [i had soooo much fun being obsessed with 'nsync and o-town]), movies (clueless and titanic changed my life :P), and it was just before the internet and social networking took off...im glad I wasnt exposed to them as a child, easy way to loose your innocence; facebook became available to my school when I was a freshman in college so it was good timing :)


I would've liked to be born around 1960-1965 so that I could enjoy the 70's, 80's, 90's and now.

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Most teens want to be older, but once you hit your 20's you'll be happy with when you were born, and you'll look back at all that 2000 stuff with nostalgia. Because when you're in your 20's you're in the prime of your cool. So right now all us 80s babies are living it up, but we'll get old and you 90s tots will be the "cool kids", we'll say shit about how everything changed, its all a cycle.

The 80's sucked.

I wanted to be born in the 90's instead I was born in 2000

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