You hope deep down that the girls at Sonic would just fucking fall over their skates for once. amirite?

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they aren't wearing skates, dipshit

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Look bitches. I work at Sonic, we get paid 4.13 an hour and it wouldn't be funny if we "fucking fell" on our skates.

This post isn't even funny.. why would you want that so bad..? They make like $3 an hour, that's degrading enough.

That's so horrible!!

(I personally think, being a teen and really not wanting to get a job because I'm so swamped with school work), it would be fun to work at Sonic. I'd get to roller skate around all day.

no, cause someone could really hurt themselves.

@smokebluntsfuckcunts no, cause someone could really hurt themselves.

These two girls I knew broke bones doing just that at Sonic.

One her arm, the other her leg. It's serious.

I've never seen somebody at Sonic wearing roller skates

That's horrible.

I've seen it, and it's pretty funny.

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Hell yes! Made my day.

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