High five the person next to you and tell them it's from me. They'll know. amirite?

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My grandma asked who the fuck you are...

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My couch says he doesn't know you. Now he's afraid he has a stalker, and I have a paranoid couch. Thanks a lot. D:

i told my mom it was from "me", she knew.

julieLs avatar julieL Yeah You Are +10Reply

My sister refused to high five me /:

blonde_zoes avatar blonde_zoe Yeah You Are +9Reply

My dog says hi.

My juice fell. The juice doesn't know who you are, and my floor isnt so happy to hear from you :/

My sister said, "HUH? I DON'T UNDERSTAND."

My CDs fell over. They don't know who you are.

Nobody was around, so I just highfived myself. He knew who you were.

TheWeasels avatar TheWeasel Yeah You Are +7Reply

My wall didn't get it. :/

How the hell does my girlfriend know who you are!!??

Candlejack didn't know wh

Favorited for the comments. :)

Baconnoisseurs avatar Baconnoisseur Yeah You Are +3Reply

i dont get it...

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I now have a very confused grandmother.

i have an unresponsive wall :)

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My 4 foot tall stack of books fell ontop of me.... they all say hi

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