Wikis are valid sources of information. Do you really think that people spend their days writing false information about "Pride and Prejudice", "Myocardial infarction", etc.? And do you REALLY think that there are no decent people who would change said false info if someone were to write it, amirite?

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Teachers just don't like it because it's easy.

My Ap euro teacher used to change the dates on it and then laugh at us if we wrote the wrong dates in our assignments.

I just use it and list the resources at the bottom.

I do know people that have changed wikipedia articles, after they've finished using it, so that their classmates would get the information wrong and they'd get a higher mark. It was really annoying.

I think the main concern is that people who write those articles accidentally have the wrong information, or write biased articles. But I still use it as my main research resource for out-of-school things.

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