I'm about 3 weeks pregnant, & i noticed my va-jay-jay got really tight. it feels like im a virgin again. That's wrong considering the fact that in 9 months i'll be popping a baby out of that, amirite?

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instead of posting this on amirite, i think you might want to talk to your doctor or even a friend that has kids

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.. so what makes it tighten up like that? lmao is that normal?

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Thats the sexiest thing I have ever heard.

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I'm ten weeks preganant and this happened to me, the doctor said its because the lining of the uterus is thicker or something.

Wow, you sound like such a retard, atm.
You should totally ask your doctor that, instead of attention hoaring on amirite.
I seriously pity your child. You don't sound mature enough to be having a baby.

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No, what's wrong is the fact you said "va-jay-jay". If your mature enough to have a kid then your mature enough to say vagina.

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