Religion is what keeps the human race from advancing toward a better and more technologically advanced future, amirite?

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Religion doesn't tell people that they have the answer to everything; it just gives people guidelines to live by and what they do with their lives, education included, is up to themselves, as individuals. I think it's ignorant to blame religion for a "lack of advancement" considering that we have not stopped advancing and religion has been around during all periods of advancement.

No. Idiots in religion do. Religion itself teaches discipline and morals.
-Said from the point of view of an atheist

I can sort of agree with you on that, but dicipline and morals can also be taught by other means as well, not just religion. Yet, people who strongly believe that they have the answer to everything will no longer search for answers. These people are often religious people. If you are religious just for the sake of being diciplined, then I dont see the point.

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I.. wholeheartedly agree.

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Religions such as Islam actually encourage advancement and learning.
But really, advancement and religion have nothing to do with each other for the majority of people. My mother, for example, appreciates religion, especially mass, for the community aspect as well as having a chance to reflect upon what she did during the week and how she might improve herself.
Personally i am an atheist, but i can see how she and many others find support through religion. Don't hate on it, just because you find meaning and purpose without it. It is just a different way of life.

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