You were really sad when Rue from the Hunger Games died...amirite?

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well thanks for ruining the book for people who wanted to read it.

I press the three middle fingers of my left hand against my lips and hold them out

I cried. And I cried when **** died in Mockingjay.

And people, STFU about a spoiler. EVERYONE but the victor dies in the Hunger Games. And clearly since there's three books, Katniss was the victor. So it really wasn't a spoiler.

@Jess_Doherty Common sense. It's a three book series. C'mon.

i haven't even started it. i didn't know anything about it except everyone said it was really good. and you just told me everyone dies but one person. you spoiled the whole thing. i don't understand how 3 book series= everyone but one character dies.

Wow, lucky I just finished the book, or I'd be mad at you for one huge spoiler.

I was so sad when F** died in Mockingjay. :'(

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I know! I cried so hard for poor A**** after he died.

@shAvayourface I was so sad when F** died in Mockingjay. :'(

I know!!! I wasn't expecting that one. But at least his legacy was continued.

At the college in my town, they're hosting a hunger-games themed contest. and i am GOING INTO THE ARENA!

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This is the biggest spoiler of mockingjay. Snape kills dumbledore.

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i was really excited to start that book. thanks a lot..

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I was planning on reading that. -_-

Ust finnished Mockingjay, probably one of the best book series I've ever read.

I hated Mockingjay. Katniss should have chosen the other guy.

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Ok, for all the haters on this. This is probably one of the least surprising aspects of the series. Honestly, there's no need to get your panties in a bunch over this

Everyone needs to calm down.. once you start reading the book.. it's really obvious that this person is going to die. There's no spoiler. I knew it almost immediately, once this character was introduced. It's an awesome series, so read it anyways.

@makeup_nerd Everyone needs to calm down.. once you start reading the book.. it's really obvious that this person is going to...

I was gonna say something like this too. It really isn't big deal, I mean the point of the games is for everyone but one to die...


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Seriously? This book has been out for several years, I don't think this can count as a spoiler anymore. Now, if this was about Mockingjay I could understand people being upset because there's still die hard fans that haven't finished it yet.

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I believe it's already been said, but, seriously, these books have been out for ages. No one gets this upset over someone saying the same thing about Fred Weasley. T-T

And I cried my eyes out, Rue was the only contestant I liked. XD (I didn't even like Katniss or Peeta until Mockingjay.) I knew it wouldn't happen, but I wanted her to win.

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I understand that people are mad that the book was spoiled. But honestly, NOBODY should stop reading the books because they know what is going to happen. Those books are my favorite ever, they are AMAZING, whether you know what's going to happen or not. OP should have been a bit more considerate, but we're only human. We all make mistakes. So don't stop reading or not read these books because you found out a major event. KEEP READING, BECAUSE YOU'LL LOVE THEM! :)

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Woah, you people are reading the first book and you are already crying? You will be crying for days after reading Mockingjay!

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it was really sad how rue died, but be honest. it would have been super terrible if katniss had to finish her off in the end of something.
so i think her death was needed. i mean i really liked rue, she was my favourite character after peeta. but we have to admit it was better than a showdown between the two girls.

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I was just devastated

I didn't realize the book was that popular.

Adrii: I agree, ppl need shut up about the spoiler... the books are amazing anyways.
And yes, I cried my eyes out when Rue died...

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Thank You For Spoiling It =_= .

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and WHY didn't you censor the P as well?

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I hate you forever. if you had sensored out the p as well I wouldn't have figured it out. BUt you didn't and now I know so I hate you forever I'm sorry you could have been a good person but I have decided to hate you.

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Such a good book :')

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Damn. I was PISSED when it happened. I like, JUST read that part.

I haven't read them yet.

Don't feel too bad, I was only considering reading it :D

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oh well thank you i was just going to read those but i guess not now >.>

Why would you even think this would be a good post? Good job...

Just because a book has been out for years doesn't mean people have been able to read it. I was only able to read it a few weeks ago, because so many people put it on hold at the library. I have had it on hold for over a year. I bet you all would be pissed if someone told you the end of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, and that's been out way longer. And it's not like main characters haven't been killed off before. Maybe there is some serious plot twist where the main character continues telling the story after death. That's happened before. Maybe Rue did win, and now Katniss is telling her story. But NO, you had to go and ruin it for people. I don't care how old a book is, if I don't know how it ends, you shouldn't tell me. People have done it so many times, it's become my pet peeve. Ok. Done venting :)

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I literally just bought the first book an hour ago. I liked that I hadn't heard any spoilers about it, and that I'd be able to enjoy it without already knowing what was going to happen. Thanks Asshole.

I cried so hard when Rue died. I loved her character so much!

DAMN YOU! Wait, I've never read it so it doesn't really matter for me.

OH I KNOW! that was the the saddest part!

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Jesus, the book's been out for years. Not a spoiler anymore. Get over yourselves.

Voldemort's on the back of Quirrel's head. That's not a spoiler, the book is years old.

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Major Spoilers:

ohmlord, my sister is going into the games, notanymore. oh darn, that guy gave me bread one time.k, i better camp in a tree for 45% of the book. oh look fire, oh look people, oh look teams,BEES? ohit'sk cuz there is a girl with me. oh she died, better waste a full chapter on burring her, oh it's peeta. kissing = food now, igetit,SMOOCH.kill kill kill how are we going to kill that really swift young girl?!?! UFO oh whoops.killalright we win. oh? we don't? nope, suicide, lol jk u mad? ILOVEPEETA (not rly) pta: wut did u sai? WELL FK U END

I almost didn't have the urge to read the next two, but I know people would get at me for not enjoying the whole thing. They say, WELL ITS NOT GOOD AT FIRST... BUT GIVE IT ABOUT 23 CHAPTERS AND IT WILL GROW ON U LOL U MAD? ... I am VERY sure that the introduction is supposed to be the most interesting part of a book, why would I give you a diamond hid in a wad of shit?

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Wow, now I'm not going to go read the books now, jerk. Thanks for ruining that for me, I'm sure everyone appreciates that

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