Best friends make the best boyfriends, amirite?

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I think it's more like, 'Best friends make the best boy/girlfriends, but the worst exes.'

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Same with girls friends. After you break up with your girlfriend/best friend its just so awkward it hurts.

i would say best friends make the worst boyfriends.

Have to disagree with this one from experience =

I personally think it's a bad idea to date your best friend, because what if there's a messy break up? It would ruin the friendship

And girlfriends, I think it's a good thing because you'll know them so well and it'll be genuine if you two are attracted to each other :D

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I'm not agreeing, I'm not disagreeing, but from experience, my best friend is a player (and sometimes idk why he's my best friend)...but even the worst people can have good sides, which is what makes them attractive...so yeah, best friends make the best boy/girlfriends, but how long's it gonna last?

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Boyfriends make the best, best friends..

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OP wants to get into his/ her best friends pants.

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i have to agree, my boyfriend is my best friend, i wouldn't have it any other way! If he wasn't i don't think we would of been together as long as we have been, or as happy.

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Too bad mine is moving 329 miles away. ):

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Omg why can't my friend understand this!!!!!

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Yes. Until the breakup.

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