Les Stroud (Survivorman) is tougher than all of those other wimpy survival show "experts" on Discovery Channel because, unlike them, he not only has to survive on limited resources, but he also has to film it himself and carry all of the cameras and equipment with him wherever he goes, amirite?

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Its also more boring, and thats why he doesnt have a show anymore

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Realy? "I'm going to see if I can survive a week with two weeks worth of food and a fully loaded shotgun"

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Sure, but does he drink his own piss and get a meme about it?

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He uh kinda keeps a walkie with him at all times... You want real surviving? Go somewhere without visiting it beforehand to learn how to survive there easily and mapping the entire thing out...

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I sensed a disturbance in the world of surviving, so I'm here to drink my own piss.

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I'd agree that Les Stroud is tougher in the survival sense, but Bear Grylls and his "for emergency use only techniques" makes for good TV.

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