You've never met a girl named Bob, so of course you would assume Bob is a guy, amirite?

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Not true! These girls I know, we call them the "Bobs." They're nicknames are both Bob

Well my friend is named "Bobbie," but I have never met a female Bob.

Yeah, I know someone named "Bobbie" and some of her closest friends call her Bob.

But in like 5th grade, we had a beginning of the year swimming party, one for guys and one for girls. And she was invited to the guys one, not knowing she was a girl, haha. (:

I have a friend named Mr. Bob Loblaw. You've probably heard of him before. I think Ke$ha knows him as well.

My best friend's name is Bob and she is a girl :)

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We'll assume Bobbie counts, so i do know a girl named Bob. :p take that, grammar nazis. but not this...

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